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Problems with Apple Mail after upgrading from Tiger to Leopard

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Something of a quick note, but anyone that has had Apple Mail just pause and hang after updating to Leopard from Tiger…. Try the following.

Quit Apple Mail and then make a copy of the ~/Library/Preferences/ file to your desktop. Duplicate the file on your desktop for safe keeping.

Open the file in a plist editor. Now open a fresh file in the editor also ( Can create this by removing your current plist and just launch Apple Mail). Make anything that has to do with Junk mail in your current plist file like that in the “new” plist file. Save your changes and then copy that back into your Preference folder.

Basically the Junk Mail settings from Tiger for whatever reason cause issues in Leopard. This will hopefully fix your problem.

I’m currently tired and just wanted to jot this down before I forget. Will come back and refresh this to be more readable… lol

Written by rrhpph

October 23rd, 2009 at 12:03 pm